Hello everyone! Would it be unheard of for someone in the 20 hcap range to prefer a less offset, smaller club head type of iron over a very forgiving, large offset and big club head like the STi2?

I currently game a set of the STi2 in stiff TT score shafts. I’ve always kind of liked them but just can’t find any real consistency with them. They’ve always felt like a huge club head and that they never sat right behind the ball. I was hitting in a sim last night hitting both the Wilson Staff CB and the STi2 7 iron back to back. I got better dispersion with the Wilson, felt more confident and liked the way it looked better at address, would it be unheard of to switch to something like this? Would the TS3 be a good club for me to try?

7 iron sti2 was flying 160, with 8000 spin, Staff CB was flying 166 with same spin but much better dispersion. Not sure what shafts as they were a set of pre owned in the PGA store

djcalied Posted new comment February 17, 2023

I’m a higher handicap these days also. Currently play the TS2’s and happy with them, assemblying a set of TS3’s to give them a go. Only hit the 7 iron so far, but hit it well and it felt great. Both have very good MPF numbers as compared to the STi2, the offsets in mid irons are relatively close I believe.
Might want to purchase a 7 iron through the custom shop and give it a go.

When an iron doesn’t suit a players eye, it can get between his ears. Stepping in with a compact head that seems right can have a lot of good effects.
When your swing is on, it works wonders. That compact head can bite back when your swing is off.
I love a blade, how it feels and looks, but when I’m struggling, it’s brutal to control.
About your spin numbers. 8000 rpms for a 7 iron is fairly high, given the loft of the STi2. I personally like to see players I work with in the 6500-7000 range. 8000 can balloon up a bit.
May be the equipment, might be ball position/swing mechanics. If you have regular access to a monitor I would work to get that number down. You will pick up a decent amount of distance.

I’m a 18 hdcp playing the wilson CB’s until the TS1-im’s are available later this year.

I came to the cb’s from a set of ping g30’s reg flex and I dont notice a drop in forgiveness really. CB’s also go about ~10yds further even though the pings have stronger lofts- wilsons are fairly traditional lofts. i’m thinking the extra distance is the stiff shafts (TT S300), higher swing weight or I just hit them better i dunno lol.

guess my point is, hdcp doesnt matter if you hit a club well and the wilsons are quality clubs man.