This is for my game, and I’m not assembling for someone else. Let’s say 15 years ago I hit a 7 iron 155 yds. Today that would be around an 8 iron. I’m thinking the differences are around 1 1/2 clubs.
You could hit that 7 iron 165 today. I look down at a modern 5 iron and it looks like a 3. I can used to that.
The difference is trajectory. The whole profile changes. On a good strike your hitting that ball low. I notice that Nippon is now making a shaft that produces a higher trajectory, but Nippon have increased the price of that shaft by $10 per, which I think is a little unfair. Are there other manufacturers presenting a shaft suitable for low lofted clubs. Many of us certainly don’t have the speeds that advanced amateurs and pros have.

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 26, 2021