Sorry for strange question maybe.. I have four Titleist SM8 wedges in my set. Problem I have is that I like my wedges to all be the same type shaft, length (35.50”), swing weight and total weight. Since the club heads have different weights this is really difficult to manage. To get this the way I want it I would need to remove weight from the heads. Is this possible? To drill holes to remove mass?

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 20, 2022

that’s a possible and something I’ve done in the past to MOI match a set of irons.
another option, is you could pull the heads and add weight to the shaft tips if necessary (would need to tip trim them a bit), could add a small bit of weight down the shaft (not to go past the hosel). another option to remove weight is pull the heads and cut/grind down the hosel length, again something I’ve done to MOI match some irons.
Myself, I can’t tell the difference between 1-1.5 Swing Weight. I think I can at 2 swing weights. I play my SW and LW at D5-D6, PW and GW at D2-D3, rest of my irons are all D0.