Happy Fourth of July all. I am not in the shop, but my alleged mind is still working. In speaking with a long time club tech, I was discussing reshafting a 355 steel taper tip shaft in an iron with a parallel .350 graphite shaft of equal flex per the owners insistence. He was adamant about trying the graphite. My colleague advised me that I needed to use a . 350 taper tip graphite shaft. I was under the impression that a graphite taper tip shaft could not be made as decreasing diameters of a graphite shaft led to a weakness. I would like to know if a .350 taper tip graphite shaft is made and if so by who?

Any .370 graphite iron shaft can be adapted to work in a .355 hosel. I have done it quite a few time. I have never had a failure and they work quite well. If you can’t find a comparable .355 a .370 works great. There is actually not that much of material that need to be removed in order to achieve the taper.