Anyone ever work with TaylorMade RSI 2 iron sets? The inside diameter specs I’ve found all say .370 but I am unable to get a .370 shaft (prepped) to seat all the way down. My best guess is that the hosel tapers to a .355 or smaller. My caliper tool does not reach the bottom so I am unable to get a reliable measurement. Don’t want to go prepping the new shafts too much just yet.

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 22, 2021

have you measured the tips of the shafts you pulled?
I’m sure you’ve done this, make sure you have all the epoxy and tip weight out of the heads. you should see silver at the bottom of the hosel. I normally have to chase the bottom of the hosel’s with a 1/8″ bit to break up the gunk.

These are new shafts. .370.

I’m thinking the hosel has a tapered diameter?

i guess i didn’t make myself clear..I understand the new shafts are .370

are the shafts that used to be in the irons, did you measure their tips? Are they .355 or .370?
unlike steel, ALL the paint has to come off a graphite shaft to get it close to go into most hosels.

These were new heads, no shafts were in them. I took off all of the paint and it goes in but I can tell not all the way.

Only idea I would have is sand a 1/4″ of the shaft tips a bit more. Personally I’d run a .370 or .375 reamer down the hosel.
These being new and 6 years old, maybe they’re a prototype?
Maybe Britt has another alternative.