Iam what you call a golf junkie like most golfers are and a  equipment addict lol but any way I have a few blades  in my collection  Mizuno  mp5 and Srixon 965 which at the moment  are my go to club I love them because they are not scary to hit they have a bit more size which inspires more confidence especially in the long irons and through the set  I recently seen the mpf rating on them and they are pretty low . I’ve been reading reviews on the TE cavity irons and seen some good reviews about them looking at the specs higher mpf points thin toplines  and minimal offset good blade length not to short and not to long just right which is  what I prefer, the only thing is I wish they were actually Blades not cavity back its something about muscle blade’s that can’t be beat looks good but feels amazing , workability etc anyway will the TE be updated soon and will we see a TE  blade version in the future keeping the current topline and offset of the TE cavity?

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 2, 2021