I got the Ping G425 Max with AV Orange shaft that it came with. I’ve noticed that a lot of my strikes have been lower in the face, causing my ball flight to be more flat than i would want. Before this shaft I was using the Atmos Tour Blue 6S and i hit the ball a lot higher with that. My swing speed is about 105mph.

Can a shaft cause the issue of a lower strike pattern, and if so do you have any recommendations?

Thank you!

Britt Lindsey Answered question May 3, 2021

Just a comment/speculation as I don’t want to step on your question and prevent more knowledgeable individuals from posting…
I would believe that different shafts have different load/unload effects. If the Orange is unloading sooner, I would think that might cause a lower face impact. Again, just speculating.
You didn’t mention if the overall length of the club is the same. The Ping G425 Max is pretty long at almost 46″.
It might be worthwhile to put a ping adapter on the Atmos and see what the results are….
Good luck