First off, You guys should know the type of guy Britt is.. I have been a master fitter at golf galaxy for 4 years.. that being said I had the mmb 17 DBM and my 5 Iron broke the other day.. 5iron had snapped with fairway shot… I emailed him…. Told him my situation.. this guy searched the warehouse, high and low, throw 2 feet of snow, up hill both ways, and email me the same day saying he found a 5 iron MMB 17 DBM that was already at 1  degree flat. This Individual is the epitome of a class act.. and a GOLF GOD. I then offered to pay for the head, cause i know the warranty is probably up, and he said no worries I got you. SO I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW WHAT AN AMAZING INDIVIDUAL THIS GUY IS.

So the next question, I know there have been set backs,  I am looking forward to the next solid blade type Irons that you said would come second have of 22 maybe 23, I know, maybe 6 months ago, I think we where hoping for a mid 22 release… but any updates, maybe some pictures, I am excited, will there be a DBM limited edition set like the MMBs? I am so excited for the next iteration of blades!!

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 14, 2022

I concur sir, Britt and all who answer my questions so well and probably for the thousands of times. A huge thank you from me, thanks…

Cheers Colin