I love google maps and looking at different places around the world, and wandered across the Golfworks site in Ohio.  Wow,  everyone do yourself a favour and have a look at it,   that looks like an absolutely awesome place to work.  Open air, no traffic, yet just a couple of clicks from town,   and seemingly endless room to smash golf balls.  And unlike Bubba at Ping hitting balls over the end of the range into other buildings, Britt and Jim could hit balls over the back fence all day long :)

Was wondering if Britt could tell us some more about the Golfworks holy ground and history,  what facilities there are, how/where you do your testing, I think i see what might be a putting green and possibly a junkyard, and of course the beautiful old house might have history.  Its well signed so maybe you retail outlet there maybe (unlike Ping which has no signs at all), and I guess you do your clubmaker training onsite as well.

Of course there is the million dollar question,  if a bloke wandered in from the other side of the world, is a casual tour of the place possible?   Yeah i realise it might not seem that thrilling, but I have done the Ping factory tour and also got shown around the PXG workshops , and that was cool.

One of the great things about dealing with the Golfworks is the human element, and the location you have make it even more so, its like dealing with a family business, we get to know everyone,  like Britt, Jim, Donna and of course Ralph.   I assume there are more staff but I have never heard of anyone else haha,  judging by the cars in the car park there are a lot of golfworkers!

Michael-CCLGolf Posted new comment February 10, 2022

I attended a course at Golfworks a few years ago. Cool place, Jim, Britt, Mark and I believe Donna addressed the class. There was another rep who assisted Jim with the class, forget his name, but he was exceptional. Due to time constraints I wasn’t able to tour the facility, but everyone I interacted with were very welcoming and accommodating.
Looking fwd to going back once covid situation is determined. Will be a good road trip and will incorporate a few rounds of golf.

It was probably Sean Hall, a great and knowledgeable guy.
The entire Golfworks staff and facility is very special and the go to place for training.