On another forum a few users are noticing how the deeper hosel depth of the TS3/4 require longer than “normal” shaft lengths for the same loft iron from another set, suggesting soft stepping one or two steps is required to maintain appropriate flex. Have you found this to be the case?

azstu324 Posted new comment May 3, 2023

With the TS4 I could see how Maltby is attracting people that have been playing blades from other manufacturers, so the question is relevant.

In my thinking the issue isn’t hosel depth. It’s the above ground height of the shaft tip, which is lower than competitors. So you need a longer shaft for the same club length.

The question has become whether this changes tip trimming. It shouldn’t because you are making a correction at the butt end of the shaft.

A (slight) problem arises when reusing shafts that have already been trimmed at the butt. My plan in going to the TS-4 is to lose a shaft at the long end of the set and accept a slight soft step equivalent to the difference in above ground height (not depth) of the bore. Not a problem because I am getting older, and because I’ll likely use the TS1-IM at the long end of the set (3 iron) with a different (new) shaft.

To add to this, if I have been using the original TS1’s with shafts +.5″, and I intend to pull the shafts to build a set of TS4’s, would I have a problem or would the bore depth be about the same for both?