I’ve built a few iron sets where I need 8 gram tip weights. Most recently I’m building a set of PTM’s with UST DHI shafts. I largest tip weight I can find is  6 grams.  The tip inside diameter is about 4mm. Does Golfworks offer a heavier tip weight? Is there another way besides lead tape. Currently I use the 6 gram weight and ram tungsten powder down the shaft. The rubber tungsten weights won’t fit, and are to costly for this particular build.

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I’ve used the 8 and 10 grams rubberized tungsten successfully. What I did was snip the ends and weighed the snips to get to 7 grams or so. I preferred to do that rather than creating a sheer point.
Experimenting I’ve also mixed lead powder in 24 hr epoxy. Of course much more ballpark in weighting. I can’t contend what it did to the epoxy.