I play off an 8 handicap and have been looking to move to the Titleist CB irons.  I was going to purchase the 718 irons since the new 620 series just came out.  The Titleist site indicates that the 718 series have tungsten in the heel and toe and are more forgiving than previous AP2 irons.  The 620 CB has moved away from the tungsten and therefore i assumed that the 718  would be a little more forgiving and be a nice purchase at a discounted price.  However the MPF of the 718 CB is 413 while the 620 CB is 465.  The fact that the 620 MPF went up seems unexpected.  Can anyone help me better understand?

Rlafoone’s explanation is accurate. The thing that you have to remember is that all that matters is the mass and dimensional characteristics of the iron head. You can use materials like tungsten to enhance perimeter weighting or manipulate where the cg is, but you don’t have to get high playability. It’s a great material to use, but if the blade is still short or the hosel is too long, or the sole is too narrow, etc. the playability will still be lower. I see a lot of “features” on irons that are suppose to make designs more playable but the immutable fact of playability is that the mass and dimensional characteristics alone determine how playable the design will be on the MPF scale.

Britt Lindsey