I’m in the process of building a set of TS-1 irons.  I’ve completed 3 irons and have ordered the remaining ones that I require.  I will be swing weighting them to a D2.  My ball striking was not great this year with the irons and I have read that getting more weight in the handle can help in getting more feel for the club and result in better/consistant hits.  So I’m going to give these counter weights a try.  But, where to start as far as weights are concerned?  I ordered a 20, 40 and 50 gram weight as well as the grip modifier.  Is it just trial and error or can you give  some advice where I should begin?  If it’s trial and error, then I’m assuming you just take all the weights out to the range and change them out until you find one that suits you???  Unfortunately, up here in Ontario the golfing season is over so I won’t be able try this out until next spring or until I head to Myrtle Beach in March.  Also,  I noticed when I was ordering the weights yesterday there were a number of weights that were “no longer available”.  Are they just out of stock or are they not being made anymore?  Your comments will be appreciated.