I have a 14 yo granddaughter who plays golf for her school. She is 5’ 7 very athletic, wiry like DJ. I plan to build her a set of TS 2 irons, with UST Competition 65 ladies shafts, 50 gr grips at standard ladies length. What approximate SW should I get for the set, what is good general SW for ladies clubs OEM companies achieve? I appreciate any input on building this set. Thanks

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 1, 2022

I’m replying as a comment as I’ve found if you “answer” a question, it can be overlooked by more skilled clubmakers and golfworks staff.
With the combination you’re suggesting, that will put you right in the C3 range (per my calculations). Looking at various OEM women’s irons, they range from C2 to D0).
C3 is great as you can add some weight to get things ideal.
I would suggest you order the 7 Iron only with the components your interested in along with a roll of lead tape. You should make the shaft a bit longer than standard and have her grip down in 1/2″ increments, to find the best length (put the grip on with air if you can or use an old 50 gram grip). Once you determine a good length, remove the grip and cut to length). Start adding lead tape in 1 gram strips until she hits it really sweet. At that point, it should give you a good swing weight to assemble the rest of the clubs to. then go ahead and order the rest of the equipment along with a couple of packs of tips weights (SKU: GW01076). these are 6 grams and can be trimmed/ground down to your ideal weight.
I’m looking forward to doing this for my grandson in a few years.