Stopped by GolfWorks a few months back. Guy there mentioned a revision was coming for the TS1, called the TS1-IM. I know the TS3 and TS4 are on the horizon. But wondering if there are any details that can be shared in relation to the TS1-IM.

From what I was told, the IM model will have more “stuff” injected into the heads to improve sound and feel. And this composition will go through the whole set. As opposed to how with the current TS1 iteration, the scoring irons are a true forged construction. But would be interested to hear if there’s any more that can be shared.

Estimated release? Lofts? Changes compared to the TS1? etc.

Almost pulled the trigger on a set of TS1s but then heard about this upcoming revision. Just trying to figure out if the changes will be worth delaying gratification.


Britt Lindsey Answered question August 18, 2022