Afternoon! I see the 1m/3/4 shown in the photo on the new website (new stuff looks great, btw!)…they look REALLY fantastic.  I’ve seen a few questions/answers, but wanted to see if there were MPF numbers for any of the new clubs yet.  I may be jumping the gun, but new irons are definitely in the cards for this year, and these new offerings are REALLY whetting my appetite, so thought I’d just come and ask.

If you can’t give exact numbers yet (totally understood), do you have ideas about where they might land, roughly, especially in comparison to the current TS1/TS2 numbers (711/727, respectively)?

I saw the answer on the top-lines of the 1m/4 being more blade-like – would those be thinner than the TS1?  I found a top-line view of the current TS1 on a different site, and it’s beautiful, but curious where these new ones land.  And, ultimately, the same with the TS3.

Really excited that these are so close.  Congrats on the hard road traveled.

Lastly: is including a top-line image in the club’s listing on GolfWorks in the pipeline?  Obviously, ordering one of each and comparing is an option, but would be hugely beneficial to have more than one view of each iron.  Just a thought from “consumer-me” :)

Thanks again!

mrtkopa Answered question January 30, 2023

I must concur. The TS-4 looks magnificently understated — a clean, beautifully looking iron that just screams professional.

The muscle back is a little bit raised towards the toe, just like the Staff irons I played in 1971, but with modern elongation. The raised heel and thin sole should make these playable for any type of lie. Add the MMB’s internal progressive weighting, a thin top line, less offset, enhanced feel face, and I can’t imagine a better iron.

It’s like Maltby took every suggestion I could have made and incorporated them all into the perfect iron. These will be classics.

The TS3 has 786 MPF. Brett mentioned that in a post.

Yes! I just saw that (thanks to pzzit’s post below) – thank you!