First of all, I want to say that I love the TS1. I put together a test club and was blown away. The thin topline and minimal offset at address look great to me, the feel is very solid, and most importantly the ball-flight and forgiveness is excellent. Golf season is winding down here in Wisconsin, but I will be putting a set together before next season starts. That being said, I am thinking about having both a TS1 4-iron and a TS2-4 iron in the bag. I think the extra forgiveness built into the TS2 will be helpful in my longest club.

I would like to get the loft on the TS2 4-iron as low as possible. I currently play a 17 degree driving iron and like the trajectory, but am  thinking that the shorter club length will help with accuracy. Looking at the specs of the TS2, the 4-iron is 21 degrees plus or minus 1 degree. What are the odds that I would be able to get one that is 20 degrees? I am also planning on bending it one degree stronger, with the goal of getting the loft to 19 degrees.

Does anybody see any issues with this plan? Thanks in advance for your responses.