I have to give some props to the over looked iron in the Maltby line up. The PTM chrome have been my demo-testing irons since they came out but I had not tried the entire set.

The PTM have an ease of playing and consistency that make them perfect to teat with. I was gaming the TS2 in a combo set that had both the TS1 and the MMB Blacks worked in as the lofts fit.

4° gapping is important to me but so is the 4 way or v type sole. So being a digger i could struggle with the MMB in less than ideal turf. Could not get comfortable with the TS1 for some unknown reason. Enter the PTM blacks.

I’ve been a huge fan of the DBM finish and believe its the best way to go for a long term set of clubs. The color also hides a midsize club in that it appears smaller to the eye. 4° gapping and a relieved leading edge made these near perfect for my game.

I have seen consistently in distance that has been unrivaled in my memory. They are paired with a prototype Xcaliber Rapid taper iron shaft. That shaft and head combo has been incredible. They load and release in a way that is so unique. Excellent feel and a very tight dispersion.

I added a 52 and a 56 M+ wedge to complete the 4° gaps. I seem to have a perfect setup for where my game is these days. I want to play a blade, yet need some help. Also need the traditional gapping because I can still get after the ball.

Yes the TS series are catalog Rock Stars, but don’t over look the PTMs.

I also have to note that the PTM 4 iron is the easiest and most consistent 4 iron i have ever played, and I haven’t gamed a 4 iron in 15 years. Out of the rough, fairway or tee box its one of my best clubs in the bag. 4th round in a row at +2 or better for 18 holes.

Keep and eye out for the Xcaliber Rapid Taper iron shafts. They are going to make huge waves in the industry. Its that good.

Thanks Popeye for the information and I am jealous about the Rapid taper shafts. I have been looking forward to get some of them to test out for a while. I got a TS-2, PTM and STi2 head waiting to get those shafts to figure out which ones I am going to upgrade to next. I like the looks of the PTM blacks but don’t want to dish out to get a complete set until I have a chance to hit it first.