When TS3s are available I was thinking of pulling my MPF Pro Series shafts (excellent shaft, btw) from my KE4 Max heads and re-using them in TS3s … are the bore depths similar between the two iron heads or are they quite different? Also, now that we’re nearing the new year was there a rough timeline as to when TS3s will be ready for purchase?

Thanks in advance.

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 27, 2022

A previous thread makes note of a similar question “https://ralphmaltby.com/questions/question/ts3-late-2022/”
it regarded moving shafts from the TS2 to the forthcoming TS3’s.
Britt mentions the TS3’s are similar to the TS1’s and 2’s.

I looked up the numbers the TS2 and TS1 are 1.355 & 1.375 inches respectively.
The K-Max is 1.25″ , so you may be an 1/8″ out. That’s assuming bottom of bore to ground is close.

Thanks Rlafoone