Hey Britt,

I saw in another thread that the TS3 irons are in production, so I thought I would see if you have updated pictures for us. Any other final details would be welcome as well. Price, expected delivery, specs, etc. I have been waiting to order these, perhaps with an additional 8-GW in the TS4 for the days when I’m feeling really good. Much appreciated!

Britt Lindsey Posted new comment June 8, 2022

Have not taken any additional pictures yet. Will see what we can do as we get closer to knowing the availability date. Hesitant to estimate a date because of the still erratic environment we are in with regards to shipping, lockdowns overseas, etc. It is stabilizing, but need to wait a little longer. As far as pricing, still not finalized. Basic specs are lofts starting at 22 for the 4i, progressing by 3 degrees for the 5 and 6, then progressing 4 degrees through the GW (48). Lie angles start at 61 for the 4i, progressing 1/2 degree through the PW. GW lie is same as PW (64 deg.). Sole angle (bounce) is 3 degrees on the 4-7 irons, 4 deg. o the 8, 9, and 5 deg. on the PW and GW. Head weights are 245 on the 4 iron, progressing 7 grams through the PW (287). GW is 289g. Offset is .115 on the 4,5,6, .110 on the 7,8,9 and .090 on the PW and GW. Sole widths are .780 on the4,5,6, .790 on the 7,8,9 and .800 on the PW and GW. Those are the basic design specs.
We are as ready as you are for these to be available, but it is still going to be a while. When I can give an accurate timeline, I most definitely will. Greatly appreciate your interest, and patience.
Britt Lindsey

Britt, more or less the same sole as the TS2 then? These are going to be awesome.

Similar in width, but a little different than the TS2. A little different front to back radius, but hardly noticeable.
Britt LIndsey

Britt. Are these solid forgings, or multi material like the TS1 and TS2?

These will be solid, but will have internal tungsten weighting low and towards to the toe.

Britt Lindsey