I am concerned about the different things I have heard regarding the flex of this shaft.  Some have said that it plays a 1/2 flex firmer than what it is cut at.  I have normally played stiff shafts in my irons.  Currently play Nippon 1050gh stiff and I like the ball flight.  Although I have also hit the TT XP 115 in S300 and liked the feel of those.  Depending on the loft of the iron and the shot at hand, but generally I hit my 8 iron 150-160.  My swing speed with a 6 iron has generally been anywhere from the low 80’s to the upper 80’s depending on how warm I am.  Can you advise if I am over thinking this or should I just go with the stiff flex, or firm flex in the Score LT.  One last thing to add, my swing pattern is more of a driver or steeper attack at the ball.  I punch down and compress the ball pretty well.  I haven’t had much luck with the feeling of Project X shafts or the heavier strong shafts.  Years ago I used to play DG S300, but they are just too heavy these days.

Thanks a bunch.