New to club making.  I am re-shafting a set of Golfsmith Tour II’s and have found that the club head weight of the 7 & 8 iron are identical (270g) and then the 9 and PW are also identical (282g).  My questions: For ensuring the swing-weight for the 7 and 8 stay the same as 3-6 irons, should I tip the 7 and 8 shafts at the same tip length (7 iron) and then keep the same club length overall for the two?  And, on the 9 / PW, should I continue with this design and tip both for the 9 iron length?  The SW and LW are both 300g, so I had planned on tipping and setting length the same on these.

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 26, 2021

Not sure if this is applicable in your case but…
I recall a lot of Golfsmith heads had weight ports at the bottom of the hosel. I would ensure no weights are installed, and if so remove them. I would guess they’re lead, so should be easy to drill out.