Hey Britt.. Got a question, I have a push draw on the irons.. but it draws a little to much… solid contact, not a hook but an overdraw. So My question is If put some led tape on the toe of the club would that help straighten it out… and if I did that.. should I put it on the top or the bottom on the back of the club? I know I know, take lessons.. haha but I am just curious.

I have experimented putting a ball back more in my stance, kind of works, Gripping the clubface a little more open. that works.. But I feel my ball goes a little to high as well. I know this might change the swing weight a number or two. I am not to worried about that. just curious on your suggestions.

Bang69 Posted new comment April 30, 2022

I had similar problems when I changed my irons to T200 with the MMT shaft, I was going too far left with good dispersion and distance. I tried lead tape but had to use so much the irons felt uncomfortable, I then experiment with face square open shut and for me slightly closed worked quite well. But I’m trying to change my swing slightly but very difficult, except I’ve found softer hand grip helps me but still can’t fade my irons…