This is on clearance and seems like a pretty killer deal and that it may also fall within my swing #’s (114 MPH SS/160+ BS). My question before I pull the trigger is.. How does the profile of the VTS 75Blk compare to the Diamana Kai’li 70 X5Ct? The Diamana is my current gamer and while the shaft works extremely well, it’s getting a bit worn and I’m looking for a different shaft. Additionally, I have a spare UST Elements Chrome F4S tipped to S++ that also works well. My swing though seems to jive a hair better with the Diamana. If it weren’t for this clearance special, I could easily put the Elements Chrome back in and never look back.

Another note is that the Elements plays at C9 and the Diamana plays at D0 in a Cobra F8+ head. I’m very comfortable with a SW up to D3 so the heavier shaft shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever.