Hello Golf community,  my question has mystified me for a while now looking at different OEM’s over some time and it has always made me wonder why don’t they make longer blade lengths blades especially in the long irons,,,it’s seems like every year Oems claim to have shorten the blade length to something that already looks (scary) which in my opinion does not inspire confidence? I Think the only other Oem outside of Maltby that attempts to do this is PXG  (Gen 4 muscle blade set)with their variable blade length the long irons( 3to 5) are longer heel to toe  and the mid to short irons get a little shorter to me that’s alot better than every thing looking tiny behind the ball ,,,, by the way does having a longer blade lengths boost a higher mpf along with other things making them perform better ,,,,,,,? What is to long or just right Millimeter wise for Maltby is it between     75mm to  85mm etc?

Britt Lindsey Answered question October 6, 2022