Recently I bought 2 sets ( 2nd set appeared 1week after 1st set with Graphite shafts so bought them)  of T200 Irons, first set was 4-gw AMT R300 Black steel shafts with Golf pride plus 4 grips which I didn’t like from the get go. I did my review of them and think I found out why? Why is the inconsistent swing weight from D0 to D2.5 wow big surprise for me for expensive irons, actual weight of each iron is up and down such as the 7iron being heavier than the 6iron by 11grams and total weight being similar.

2nd set of T200 Irons is 6-gw, Mitsubishi chemical R80 Metal Mesh Technology graphite shafts with Wynns Dritac Oversize grips which I loved from the get go. So did my review as above, swing weight was gap wedge D5 with the rest D4. With a descending total weight upto the 6iron, I’ve been using the leaderboard swing weight algorithm to determine the swing weights with a verification on my friends Golfworks swing weight scale so I’ve proved my algorithm is within .3 of his toy and often a match. I bought the MMT shaft T200 because I thought this shaft would suit me and happy I’m right, my question is why is there so much difference in two sets of irons and why within the 1st set so much difference between each iron with no uniformity of that set. I always thought I was behind the 8 ball buying the cheaper irons and driver, I’m thinking maybe I was lucky because I would of been very “upset” paying so much for so little. I can understand WHY the owner of the steel set didn’t keep them but not so much with the graphite set but guess he had a good reason to change, flex probably. Appreciate your feedback as always, cheers Colin

T Brandt Answered question March 12, 2022