recent discussion on the web concerns tip trimming iron shafts to 8 iron spec, install in a wedge and butt trim to wedge length. This would give the wedge a bit more spin. I would guess a higher trajectory also.

Are wedge specific shafts (ie. KBS Tour Chrome,kinetixx tsw trajectory, etc) manufactured to take this trimming into account?

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One method I’ve seen with a very high success rate is using the 8 iron shaft of the next stiffer shaft for wedges— ie using DG S300 for the iron set and then using X100’s for the wedges. There’s a few YouTube videos out there that show a significant increase in spin (around 1000 rpm) and a noticeably lower launch angle (minus 3 or 4 degrees).

That being said, I don’t really understand how this is achieved lol. It would seem to me that soft stepping a stiffer flex twice would get you into almost the same flex as wedge trimming the original. Also, I realize your question is aimed at getting some insight into the characteristics of wedge specific shafts. But due to this confusion around them, I try to avoid them altogether and stick to what works for me. Unless of course I’m looking to hit a specific weight or higher launch in the wedges.

Thanks Matt