Hi, I’m looking to buy a set of DBM Irons,  not sure which shaft is a better option, :Maltby MPF Pro Series(S-FLEX) or UST Recoil 680, my mpf rating is 4b2m, current clubs have Precision Rifle FCM 5.5 shafts, (custom fitted) 1/2″over standard,  midsize grips ,want to go with graphite, swingweight  D2 D3  would be perfect. look forward to your thoughts.


Britt Lindsey Answered question March 7, 2022

UST RECOIL 680 F4 profile out similar to your Rifles. Less weight obviously, probably give you a higher launch, easier on the hands. would fit your MPF requirement of 4B2M. 780 ES Smartwrap would be an option also in F5 as they profile out (Wishon) similar to the 680, but may need to be a special order and are also more expensive. Graphite Design G-Tech at Stiff would work too.