I’m looking for your recommendation on which wedge to add to my bag.  I presently have a 47 degree PW that came with my M-05s, a 52 degree with 8 degrees of bounce and a 58 with 10 degrees of bounce.  The 52 is my “go to” club for most shots under 100 yards including pitching and chipping.  The 58 is my bunker club and when I have short-sided myself.  Both of these have a more standard width sole.  Bunker play is not the strongest part of my game to say the least. Since I presently have only 13 clubs in my bag I have room to add a wedge that would be used primarily for sand play and for other times when the grass is thick around the green. I see that you recommend that many amateurs would benefit from having a wide sole wedge in their bag.  Which Multi-grind or M Series wedge would you recommend?