I am a senior golfer returning to golf after several years of hiatus because of injuries. I have previously used Microtaper and Rocket steel shafts in regular flex. I am currently using a Maltby KE-4 U30 club-heads with Graftec regular flex shafts. I hit my 7 iron to 150 yards. There is no test data available on this shaft to compare its frequency with other mid flex shafts. Golfworks range for regular flex shafts of 77-92 mph is too wide. When I hit the ball with these clubs the ball feels heavy on the club-face. Is this because this shaft falls towards the higher end of the regular flex range or is it because it is a mid flex point shaft as opposed to the the Microtaper and Rocket steel shafts which were low flex point? Would a mid-low or low flex point shaft be better? Although I am concerned that with KE-4 U30 the ball flight will be too high with a low flex point shaft.