1-I tested the D9 recently. The store finally received a complete set , so I could test the 5 iron. The 5 iron, as you are most likely aware is 21 deg and 38.5 inches long.  Do you think that the Dave Wishon rule of 24deg 38 inches applies with this new SGI golf club category?  I am not sure that even on a good day I could hit the 5i 15 yards past the 7i (which I hit at140 Yards).                                                                                                                                                                                  2-  I feel that 2-the 7 iron (27deg) is very performant, but once you get to the 6 or 5, then you don’t see the yardage increase that much.  I also tried the Titleist T400 and, it may be because I had a better swing that day, but I felt that they were more forgiving. What do you think ?

My swing speed with a 7i is 75MPH and ball speed between 105-110.


Woody Answered question June 14, 2021