Sorry for stupid question.. Is it in any way possible to fit a wood shaft in a hybrid adapter tip? I know they are not the same size but I have a shaft in my 5-wood that I really like but I just don’t get along with woods.. I want the same shaft in a low lofted hybrid. Is there a way? Thanks.

Rlafoone Posted new comment July 31, 2022

Kinda lacking information. Type of hybrid make and model, dirty with the shaft. Some older Hybrids had .335 hotels (snake eyes come to mind). Shafts for woods .335 and .350 tip size.
Assuming a .335 shaft and a .370 hosel, a SHIM 30 with shifting beads would probably work.

Thank You for your reply. Yes, it’s a .335 shaft going into a .370 adapter. It’s a Hzrdus Red wood shaft going into a Titleist (TS2) hybrid tip.

Thanks for asking this question, I have a TS2 driver I can’t hit and I’ve tried 4 different shafts but never thought about using a shorter shaft. Cheers

DaniK – Shim 30 with shafting beads should do the trick. I’m sure there’s other options, just can’t search them out right now. In the past, I went to Menards and bought some springs to make up the difference in size. Worked fine, but the extra ones ended up in a tangled mess!