I recently dropped my 3 & 5 wood out of my bag, inconsistency with ball striking, control & distance meant I wasn’t comfortable pulling them out.

I have a new 917D2 8.5 set to A1 with 12g Fade weight, Diamana d+ X-Stiff shaft at 44.5in and have been getting distance (312 average in Colorado, I use the Arccos system)

I then drop down to a Cleveland HiBore 22deg hybrid with AXE Xcaliber TS6+ which when I hit well is almost making up for a 3 wood.

Last couple of rounds I’d been struggling to make up the gap between driver & hybrid and am thinking of getting a 1iron utility iron or something similar to make the distance gap but also be easy to hit. I’d rather not get another 3 wood (if I do I will match with driver).

Looking for advice