I am looking to add a 4 iron to my set,  I seem to have a gap between my 9 wood and 5 iron, and I found i am better to take a full swing then to try and layoff the longer club.  I built this spring a set of Maltby St-i 5-SW and there isn’t a 4 iron available for the set.  So the question is which is a better fit a STI OS 4 iron at 21.5 degrees with a lower MPF, or a KE4 S at 22 degrees with a higher MPF or something else.

A couple thing to keep in mind I replaced my 5 hybrid with the 5 iron so I am not looking to add a hybrid at this point.  I started with 6 -SW and then added the 5 iron.  I will be using a Score Shaft.  I have been away from the game several years and as I am getting back into it, my iron play is getting better and more consistent. I hit the 5 iron between 185-195 or so, looking to fill in between 195 and 205, my 9 wood I can hit about 215 (assuming I hit them well which is a challenge.  I am leaning towards the KE4 S because of the higher MPF. I will take my 60 degree wedge out of my bag, it is almost useless to me at this point.