After playing this past year and averaging mid 80s, I am eager to improve, and thought a better set of clubs would help (along with much more practice).   I found a deal on a set of STi irons (LH) that is 6-SW, and since I was replacing those, I also found a KE4 5 iron head that I am pairing with a similar shaft to the STi clubs.  However, in my rush to try to get my bag upgraded, I mistakenly looked at the wrong specs (used the KE4 Tour+ specs instead of the STi numbers).  I have a 6i that is 27, with a 62 lie angle, and the 5i is 27 loft with 61.5 lie.   Is it possible or advisable to bend the 5i down to 24 loft?  Or should I just ditch the 6i and add something else?  I am planning on having a fitting done later this spring to do any adjustments and get the gaps right, but wanted to ask if 3 degrees was too much to bend, or if I could possibly take 1 or 2 degrees and add some shaft length, like a 4 iron or even 3 iron length to make that club work with the other set.

Jim Yachinich Answered question January 8, 2021

Before you bend anything, I would recommend hitting the irons first and see if the gaps are okay. You may not need to bend at all, or not as much. I believe GW recommends not bending more than 2*.