Hey golf club world will there be any new irons coming out within the next year or two I know you recently came out with the ts1 and TS 2 irons which are phenomenal will there be a redesign of the MMB 17 irons more of a solid forged muscle back blades (irons) non injected or even new wedges?

We do have several new irons in the works, all with different due dates. We will have the STi2 that will be replacing the Sti and the STi OS, which are going away. Undercut cavity with some cool features and high playability. New Hybrids, fairways and Drivers for the ST line as well. We are hopeful for spring, but could be a little later. New line of drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons for slower swing speeds (replaces LTech, but will be for men and women). Name will be released later. Probably mid summer before that can be ready. The new TC Driver to finish out the TC line will be available in spring. Adjustable, great look and testing has been phenomenal. There are new wedges as well, the TSW Series to kind of compliment the TS1 and TS2 irons. Great looking wedges with sole grinds that should appeal to a broad range of players. Other irons in the works but most likely 2021. No pure muscle back replacement for the MMB-17, but surely thinking in that direction.

Britt Lindsey