I just wanted to hear if anyone on the forum has played these Bridgestone’s before or now, and also have been able to compare them to any Maltby irons. I have the J15 CB’s currently and I do like them a lot. They seem to be more forgiving than they look that’s for sure, but I am really looking into the Maltby heads and club paks. The MMB-17 and the TE versions especially. I really don’t get to play that often anymore, but still love to play the game. If anyone could chime in on how any of the Maltby’s are as far as ease of play, but with a more “traditional” look I would appreciate it!

I currently have the J15CB set. They are easy to hit. They appear to have a progressive blade length which would give them a higher C Dimension and as long as the VCOG isn’t to high should have a pretty high MPF. My guess would be around 580-615 mpf. I have played maltby designs and they are phenomenal. I had a set of the Toski T54 blades and they are the best feeling most forgiving blades i have ever hit. My only complaint would be durability. I wore out the grooves 3 times faster than an OEM forged set but at their prices its easy to replace heads unless they discontinue them which is why i have bridgestones now. The club head I’m looking at is the Maltby DMB or the TE would be a comparable look to the bridestone but with an mpf of 788 I guarantee they are more forgiving than the J15s however I’m waiting for Britt to confirm this before i purchase. I do know that the J15CB is probably the most forgiving oem cavity blade on the market. I also really like the sole design relieving the leading edge giving it more bounce making them more playable in soft conditions. J15CB should have been more popular as I felt they are far easier to hit with a better sole design than the Titleist CB or Mizuno MP line.