Wondering what will change in terms of flex increase/decrease, swing weight, etc. if I was to cut down the butt end of my driver shaft by .75in or 1in? Google is giving me mixed information and I trust the golfworks guys more than other sources

Currently have a epic speed driver (194g head weight), a Hzrdus smoke im10 stiff 60g shaft @ 45.75in and after butt trimming my grip would be a 51g grip. I think currently it is a D3ish swing weight, would not mind if it dropped to D2ish but don’t want it to feel tooooo light ya know? I suppose I won’t really know unless I do it but just looking for some info as to what to expect.

Currently hitting my 5 wood 220ish off the deck but my driver does not even go beyond 210 most of the time, so obviously not hitting the middle and/or not swinging nearly as fast. Trying to figure it out and hoping the shorter length will help here.

Oh and a question Britt is probably tired of answering – Are the TS1-im’s still on track for May/June?

Rlafoone Answered question March 21, 2023