I hit my Callaway 3Hybrid only 10 metres behind my driver, the hybrid shaft is UST Mamiya recoil ZT9 470 F4 with ZT9 Stabilized Tip and 40.5 inch length, my smash average is 1.45…. I’m hoping you say yes ?

Bang69 Posted new comment October 6, 2022

I would think it could definitely be a good starting point. It would be nice to know the profile of the shaft. That way you truly knew if it was mid bend, mid tip, or whatever else that the shaft manufacturer claims. Sometimes when you by what is claimed (by the manufacturer) it’s not necessarily true.

I seem to recall you’re in Australia. It might be worthwhile to make a trip to Club Champion in Melbourne or Sydney to dial you into the right shaft. It can get real expensive and timely just randomly trying shafts via a recommendation on a forum.
Regardless of which one you select, next year there will probably be one better..LOL

I lived in Sydney for 33 years but although I’ve lived overseas for 40 years I was born in New Zealand, but thanks for letting me know “Club Champion” is in Sydney. I will get in contact with them and go for a fitting, only 3 hours flying and a trip down memory lane. Cheers Colin..

The ZT9 shaft is really only a Recoil iron shaft. Low 70g weight, fairly low Tq. Mid high launch. It’s characteristics more than likely would be tough to match a driver shaft.
For a driver shaft I would think nothing heavier than a 60g and a fairly tip stiff design.
If you are really having that much success with the 3 hyb getting proportionally the same performance out of a driver may be difficult. At some point we all have a drop off given our swing speed and launch. There is a possibility you may need more loft in your driver or another consideration to better optimize your drives. This kind of falls into the window of a lot of people hitting a 3 wood just as far as thier drivers.
As someone stated try to get into a fitting center and spend some money trying to get fit. Hopefully you can find some gains.

Thanks@Popeye, I will look for a shaft like that.