Standard length and progression work fine for me except in shorter clubs. My next set will be different. For a full swing a 8 iron is perfect but with 9 or PW I sometimes come up short. Next set will have these clubs same length as 8 iron. Wedges will be half inch shorter with extra long grips for gripping down for partial shots. Any thoughts?

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 16, 2021

outside of some difficulty with swing weight, whatever works for you. Another option is to strength the loft. I think rule of thumb is 1/2″ gives you 5 yards, 1* gives you 2.3 yards.
I like the idea of long grips on the wedges. I used to have those on my Pelz wedges and loved them when gripping down for soft chips. Don’t know if that type of grip is available anymore. Let me know if you find some.