just opened club shield which I received a month ago. It’s liquid with some settling in the bottom. I expected it to be gel.   I stirred it up but it’s still liquid.  Can I use it on a piece of cloth wrapped below the hosel and still get the protection?

What went wrong?

I had the same problem with my jar also.
It’s about a year old. It was subject to both heat and cold, and did not congeal. I did use it afterward with a strip of cloth and it worked fine. I tossed it afterwards, and will
order a
replacement and keep it indoors.

I found a few similar products while search online, says to store between 35-100 Fahrenheit. And do not allow to freeze. Oops!
All the products were more expensive than what GW offers. They are used in welding applications.

See GW recently posted the sDS sheet with the temperature ranges.

I’ve had a bottle of GW club shield gel for about 10 years. Just checked it & it looks OK – it’s still a gel. I keep it in my basement – a controlled environment. Check with GW – maybe a bad batch?

Thanks, I did the same last night on 3 callaway Rogue clubs. I got them off with no damage. Not sure if it was the product, the wet towel or my extreme caution. Says do not freeze, but It was shipped and received it in winter.