Has anyone compared the higher rated mpf irons like the old big bertha and callaway clubs to modern ones that have a lower 400-700 rating?

Often discussion in other places disregardes mpf and just states, you’ll have more forgiveness and success with a modern club rather than 20 year old high mpf clubs.

Wondering if there are any testimonials for mpf in these terms?

RSLP Answered question March 5, 2024

My story:
When I started golfing in the early 90s, I played blades because the pros played blades, so if you want to be good you gotta play blades, right ?
I started working at a golf shop and got on a vintage forged blade kick (the ’60s Wilson Staff with Turfrider Sole were made from SOFT steel, they bent like butter). I knew I needed upright clubs, so bendability was important.

In the late ’90s I was at the range and someone let me try their 1995 Big Bertha irons – HOLY CRAP ! I was an instant convert. They were so much ridiculously easier to hit than blades. Our golf shop had good Big Bertha copies so I made myself a complete set 1-LW and bent them upright, I used those for 15 years.

Then I decided to buy a set of Ping G25s, because Ping makes it easy to buy upright (or flat) irons. The G25s were good, I was happy.

Then I discovered the MPF charts.

The 2010 groove rule had come out, and I wanted conforming irons to try USGA qualifying, and the highest post-2010 Ping mpf was the Ping Gmax(MPF 939), so I found an upright set, and yes, they are noticeably more forgiving and easier to hit than the G25s(MPF 821).
I also wanted to try maximum upright (Maroon dot 5* upright), and I found a Ping K15 (MPF 894) maroon dot set, because the MPF chart showed there shouldn’t be much difference compared to the G-Max set, and yes, the K15s are every bit as forgiving and easy to hit as the G-max.

Recently I wanted to try irons with maximum MOI, so I found a set of Ping G410s (MPF 738), but with essentially the highest MOI (19.04) from any manufacturer head ever.
They were NOT as easy to hit or as forgiving as the G-Max or K15.

I’d always wanted to try the absolute max MPF irons ever (MPF 1200+), but it’s almost impossible to find a full/decent set.
But just recently I bought a mint set of Maltby Glider Xs 3-P (MPF 1209).
There’s so much to talk about these irons that I’m going to start a separate thread.
To be continued…