I’m 74 and played to a 2 hdcp for years.  When we retired and moved I had moved into the 3-4 hdcp range.  Since then I’ve been playing TS-1’s with TT Elevate 95 R.  My handicap is now up around 10. This shaft was recommended at the last local fitting I took.  Most of the time I’ve had these clubs I’ve been struggling with fat shots, thin shots, and very toe heavy shots.  Recently found a used set of Ping’s with TT DG stiff. Two range sessions and I haven’t hit a fat shot, thin shot or toe shot and am striking the ball well sgain.  SW on the Pings are D1. TS-1s are similar.

Britt Lindsey Answered question August 31, 2022

Anyone have any thoughts on why this could be happening. I’m not sure TT DG’ are gonna be good for my sore shoulders

Swing weight?