Preparing for the upcoming season and feel like I need about half an inch more in my irons. I have an extra shaft intended for 3i that I have not been using. What is the best solution Soft step my irons or put a 1/2″ plug? For reference, my current 6i plays at 37″, I did the virtual fit and was recommended 37.5″ shafts, and being 6’1″ 1/2″ extra feels better to me.

Rlafoone Posted new comment February 28, 2023

If you’re trying to save money I would recommend soft step. Ball flight/flex may vary a bit. Will cost you time and ferrules.
Extensions would cost you a bit more for the extensions and probably grips also.

Could you not move each of your current shafts down one club–six down to seven for example–but thus keeping the extra half inch of the previous six? This does assume a .370 parallel tip, each tip trimmed 1/2″ for the original set I think (?), and it would soften the flex a bit, but in this way you would only need to buy a new shaft for the longest club and butt trim appropriately to new length. Or am I missing something obvious to everyone else, but on which I have…”whiffed.?”

Or is this perhaps the soft step Rlafoone refers to in the post just above?

Hi Christopher – yes, that is what soft stepping is…