• I want to build a golf club for my wife and need some advice as where to begin. She has a consistent swing and 60-70mph club head speed with driver 140-150yds on a average drive. Not over powering as she is a petite size, 73 years old and verry flexible as she can rotate  on her back swing a good distance more than most. Looking at starting with a hybrid. How much should I pay attention to the shaft weight and what it will weight after butt and tip triming. She had her clubs cut down 1/2″ from standard lenght.
Rlafoone Posted new comment June 26, 2022

I agree with statechap, the M890 series should fit her well.
If I understand your question, it sounds like your wife is getting involved in game and looking for something else for distance after she hits driver.
The standard hybrid club pak (PMA0320LT) should fit her nicely. Given her swing speed to 60-70 mph that would put her in a A flex shaft according to the write up. This would be a great choice if she has a somewhat aggressive swing. The M890 shaft is relatively light, the overall weight of the club really isn’t a concern, it weighs what it weighs.
A question would be does she need a 3, 4, or a 5 Hybrid. This would be a club that would fit in between her shortest wood (be it a driver or fairway wood) and her longest iron (she may be replacing it?) Assuming the club pak above, using a M890 4 hybrid, I would estimate a C5 swing weight.
the nice thing about the pak, is you can have Golfworks assemble, or if it’s something you want to put together for your wife and give it to her, you can assemble it at home. my info is based on the info you presented regarding swing speed, flexibility. A good club fitter could give you a much better opinion.
The M890 equipment though is good stuff.
Always nice to have a partner with a shared interest.