I’m trying to remove a Taylor Made (SIM2) adaptor from a GD Tour AD shaft (using a graphite shaft extractor) but not having any luck getting the epoxy bond to break loose.  I verified that my heat gun is set correctly and functioning properly. I do not believe this is a factory installed adaptor and I’m not sure what kind of epoxy was used but I’ve never had an issue removing a Taylor Made adaptor. Do I need to be concerned about causing potential damage to the shaft due to applying heat for extended periods?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

azstu324 Answered question February 8, 2024

I use a small butane Torch. Heat gun gives me grief.
If you are using a small Torch, and have heated up the adapter more than a couple of times, the shaft tip is probably toast. Heat gun is more forgiving. Good luck.

Is it safe to use the butane torch with graphite shafts?

Absolutely safe. Just keep your heat moving and in short 15-20 second intervals.

I’ll try that. Thank you!