Hi Guys

I added a tip weight to my graphite iron shafts and after applying the epoxy, the head does not remain snug against the ferrule. I am guessing because the tip weight head seals the small hole at the end of the shaft, any excess epoxy has no where to go.  To deal with this issue, I inserted the club in my value shaft extractor and placed the wheel piece behind the heel of the club head and then tightened the extractor pulling the head towards the ferrule.  It seems to work but I then need to leave the club in the extractor until the epoxy dries.  Out of seven irons this issue has only occurred to a few so far.  If this occurs with all my clubs its going to take a week to get the set assembled.

I know I may be applying to much epoxy but worried if I apply less I may not be applying enough to make a solid bond. I am using the Golfworks tour set epoxy.  Do I continue to remove epoxy until the head is able to remain snug against the ferrule and monitor the club for a few minutes to ensure the head does not start to move away from the ferrule?  Any suggestions?

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 7, 2022

You’re correct that it’s to much epoxy. Work the shaft in,out and around of the hotel. That will ensure you have an even coat and the excess epoxy will come out the top. You should hear the air escape.
I problem I had years ago was I would grip the shafts prior to epoxy, basically eliminating any chance for the air to escape.
Also don’t thump to butt of the shaft to hard when seating the head, that can create a space also.
Good luck.

Thanks for your advice. When I install the head very little epoxy escapes from the top. Probably because the club head is a very snug fit to the point where I need to apply a reasonable amount of force when inserting the shaft. Is it a problem if the club head is too snug and can this limit the amount of epoxy that is applied and weaken the bond? I can apply some sanding to the shaft tip so that the fit is a little looser but don’t want to end up weakening the shaft. I have the Maltby TS2 heads and parallel tip shafts.

I have been working with my own clubs for over 20 years and never had any issues. Its only since I started adding tip weights that I’ve had these problems.