1.  Question  for today is looking at reviews for the Ping I 500 hollow  blades Ping is saying that because they didn’t fill their heads with any type of filler they get more ballspeed ,more face flexion at impact because nothing is behind the face just wondering your thoughts and how would that be compared to Hollow filled  soft polymer  irons like yours the TS 1 or TS 2 irons or even your competitors irons like Pxg and the TaylorMade p790 ?

I have had the TS-2 in the simulator vs the P790 and the i500. From what i have seen is nearly identical launch and ball speed numbers but higher spin rates on the TS-2 which on course translates to the ball stopping where you want it. The i500 feels great but the sound was a bit funny. Maltby Tricept F2 was a great performer but had a metallic click, maybe even tinny. Both Hollow. If you go with the TS-2 or wait for the TS-1 the only thing you will miss out on is OEM badges and paying triple the cost. But test for yourself. Build a demo and then go into any high end retailer with a simulator and do some head to head challenges. You will be calling in an order for the rest of the set.