Having great success with the Kuro Kage HBP shafts in my fairway woods, which are Reg, 57 Gm, 5.0 torque, tipped 1/4”.  Landed on those after trying several lighter shafts in reg.
Looking for shafts for irons and hybrids that would qualify as counterbalanced/HBP.  Doesn’t seem to be any out there designated as such, nor is there any data I can find for shafts that would indicate where the balance points are listed.  Generally looking for higher Torque 4-5* and a mid to mid high flight and light weight.  Can you provide some possible iron and hybrid shafts in this range of specs that while maybe not designated as such, would have a higher balance point than average?

p.s. I’m using a Cypher 48 Gm 5.5 flex, 5.3 torque in my driver with greatly improved results after trying 5 other driver shafts in reg.    My swing speed is 85 mph.  Fairways and driver were previously Evenflow Blue 6.0

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 3, 2023