The black part of the epoxy is coming out clear also. Is this epoxy still ok to use? Is the black just a dye used for a visual aide for mixing?

Britt Lindsey Posted new comment August 16, 2022

Epoxy is at least 3yrs old. First time the black turned clear. Used it a couple of months ago was fine, good results. Did the test 4/5 hrs. ago seems to be setting up compared to non mixed epoxy parts. I will see if it cures tomorrow.

has happened with me also. old epoxy, won’t use it on clubs but will use it around the house.

Epoxy set up well, hard as a rock. When mixing the 2 parts together it turned cloudy and slightly whitish. Going to give it a try. Using on TM R1 shaft adapter. If it fails will post. Any advice on the longest shelf life epoxy. I don’t use a lot of it, mostly broken clubs and such.

Generally we say 6 month shelf life, but if it has been kept at room temp and the cap has been on it when not being used I think it can last longer. Since you did the test and it worked it is probably OK to try. That being said, probably best to stick with the 6 month and if the colors change like you describe the safest course of action is to throw it away and get some more.
Britt Lindsey